Will anyone very famous claim to have made an important life decision because an AI suggested it by the end of 2024?
Dec 31

"Very famous" = Has at least 5 million followers on Twitter, or they're otherwise famous enough that if they were to create a public Twitter account they would almost certainly get that number with ease.

The claim doesn't have to be made on Twitter. It does need to appear genuine and unironic. They don't need to actually follow through on it, but it does need to clearly be a "decision" and not a "hmm, I wonder if I should do this".

Important life decisions include who to date, where to live, what career to be in, etc.

In the event that this has already happened in the past, I reserve the right to change the market criteria to something in the same vein that's a bit more exclusive, so that the previous event doesn't qualify.

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Medical diagnoses, especially of imaging diagnostics, are often made by AI already

@SusanneinFrance damn, that's a good one

@SusanneinFrance Yes, but this is typically mediated by a doctor who does the actual “suggesting”

Kanye. The answer is Kanye, right?

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