Will there be a community formed around a self-reflective AI e-celebrity by 2028?
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🐕 Will A.I. Be Able to Make Significantly Better, "Common Sense Judgements About What Happens Next," by End of 2023?
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Will the AI Safety Summit host in UK lead to the creation of an International Institution for the AI Governance?
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I'm not quite sure I understand the resolution criteria. Going off the fact virtual influencers have millions of followers, I can't be long until someone plugs an interesting LLM into one and creates the first "ai influencer"

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@ElliotDavies If it's not just a party trick but instead a persona that persoatently has a bunch of fans that it talks with then yes, I would count that.

Going from the probabilities, it appears that this is quite a safe prediction and the outcome is overdetermined. I'm thinking maybe I should set up a bunch of markets about how far it will go.

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Elliot Daviesbought Ṁ30 of YES

@tailcalled that sounds about right to me - but I suspect making good resolution criteria is quite hard unless you have a real vision for what the future will look like