Will an AI system, product, company, concept, or affiliated person be TIME's Person of The Year for 2023?
resolved Dec 6

"AI", "Sam Altman", "ChatGPT", "Anthropic", "Our new AI overlords", "Neural networks", etc. would all resolve YES.

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Didn't win, but making the shortlist isn't bad! Will it happen again?

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These numbers are all over the place.

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A good lesson this community lives in it’s own bubble.

@dillymadison AI-cels CRUSHED

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Okay guys time to think of some way in which Taylor is affiliated with AI.

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@SG your are to blame for my current misery

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predicted YES

@Soli I might retire because of this

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You see this? I had 23 net worth at the start of October. Basically no investments. Blew it all on memes that went to zero.

You can come back from this. You really gonna walk away, leave a tombstone that just says "Taylor Swift got me ☠"???

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@Soli But think of how cool your profit graph will look bouncing back from this loss.

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@Jacy I like the positivity. I hope you are right and I am able to recover from this loss.

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@Tumbles NO I WON'T HAHAHAHAHAHA!! We will do this.

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@Soli I bet you still have more mana than her!

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It’s either gonna be Sam Altman or Taylor Swift, and I’m leaning more towards Taylor.

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I love the markets that have a chart that looks like the vital signs for someone who recently woke up from a 6 month coma.

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@BTE How much do you have invested in this outcome at this point? Hedged or all in?

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I have some hedges in the multichoice markets, but generally yeah if it's not AI that'll be the first real dent in my profit graph.

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@Joshua I am with you haha - we will be fine

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@Joshua For me it's strike that, reverse it.

Elon Musk? I assume yes because he is very affiliated with AI.

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@33 Yes Elon Musk was one of the founders of OpenAI + started xAI + speaks publically on AI so I guess safe to assume he would be included.

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@Soli he's not on the shortlist and was already named two years ago, so I think it's safe now to assume he won't be included (even though he would have counted).

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