Will a gay couple give birth to an equally-genetically-related child before 2035?

Background: Several startups and research labs are currently working on gametogensis with gay couples in mind.

Quibbles: Stillbirths or abortions don't count; the child must be viable for at least a day postpartum. "Gay couple" for the purposes of this market means two biological males or two biological females (regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation), not necessarily in a relationship with each other. The couple does not need to birth or carry the child to term themselves; surrogates are allowed/expected.

See also: /MetaculusBot/when-will-we-see-the-first-viable-h-19ca28a5b59f

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I thought this was already a thing for lesbian couples?

@jskf not genetically equal! How would it work? You can't egg+egg yet

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