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closes Jan 1, 2024
Will "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" release a segment on AI safety before 2024?
This question resolves to "YES" if a segment discussing AI safety as its primary subject is aired on "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" before the start of the year 2024. A segment discussing AI safety within a specific subfield would count, while a segment discussing AI safety as only part of a greater theme would not. For instance, a segment on the subject of "AI in Education" or "Chatbots" would count, provided it discussed safety issues involving AI in education or chatbots (as opposed to simply discussing these concepts at a meta-level), while a segment on "Bail Reform" mentioning algorithmic risk assessment at one point would not.
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Seems way overconfident unless someone has inside info on this. Just betting M$5 for bragging rights, though. Time horizon is too long to justify investing a significant amount.