Will there be an attempt of murder of an OpenAI employee due to AI repulsion before 2050?

This market is for fun, and I do not encourage any type of harm to any OpenAI employee or individual. Do not attempt this. This is a market prediction about whether this event could happen, not an encouragement for it.

Resolves YES:

  • There is an attempt of murder against any OpenAI employee (who, at the time, is working for OpenAI and that fact is known by the public before or as a result of the events) for any reason related to refusal of AI development or similar.

  • It doesn't matter if it is successful or not.

  • It must be reported by news and formally stated by police/law enforcement as an actual attempt of murder.

  • Planning stopped prior to attempting doesn't count. Attempt of murder here refers to the actual act of trying to murder someone and not the planning.

  • Applies to OpenAI if they rebrand or merge.

Resolves NO:

  • The YES criteria are not met before 2050.

  • OpenAI is dissolved or splits.

OP Trading: Given the objective nature of this market’s resolution, I reserve the right to place bets. However, I will do so only after at least 5 trades or trade orders from different traders have been made, to avoid any unfair advantage.

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