Prediction Markets Poll: If You Had To Pick One Reason, Why Do Decade-Plus Prediction Markets Matter?
resolved Dec 1
Incentivize Long-Term Thinking: I believe that decade-plus prediction markets promote a culture of long-term planning and foresight, which is essential in addressing evolving challenges.
Gauge Future Trends and Technologies: Long-term prediction markets can be a valuable tool to anticipate and prepare for future technological, economic, and sociopolitical shifts and emerging trends.
Accountability and Review: With decade-plus prediction markets, there's an opportunity to revisit past predictions and hold forecasters accountable. This historical reflection can lead to improved forecasting methodologies.
Risk Management and Investment: These markets can serve as a guide for long-term investments and risk management strategies. By understanding potential outcomes businesses, governments, and individuals can make more informed decisions.
Encourage Research and Innovation: Long-term prediction markets can stimulate research and development in areas that might otherwise be overlooked.

This is not a true dichtomy (quintomy?), but just a point for discussion.

Keying off of this market here, many voters selected, "Decade Plus Long Markets Matter," -- even if you didn't select that as your favorite, you might choose one of the reasons given in this poll as a hypothetical. You can go back and change your previous vote if you already voted here of course too.

Other question for the converse answer if you wish to give more detail as well:

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