Will there be a country with Universal Basic Income by 2030?

Only counting a countrywide scheme that includes all citizens of the country.

A partial scheme/pilot that only some citizens are eligible for doesn't count.

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Alaskan secession

All citizens? But children are citizens of a country, and they would probably not be included in UBI. If it's all adults does that count?

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@ShadowyZephyr why wouldn't it include children? A mother of five has a bigger grocery bill then a mother of one.

@CromlynGames Children (of some ages) eat a lot less than adults. More relevantly though, not every country wants to subsidize having children.

Seems like a decent chance that if this is implemented, children have a smaller stipend than adults.


I’m not saying it SHOULD be the case, or that it’s fair, but I do think it’s likely that the first implementations of UBI will limit it to adults. I want the market creator to answer how they would resolve it in that case.

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@ShadowyZephyr They could decide to change the market description, but right now it does say all citizens

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@JimHays @ShadowyZephyr All citizens means all citizens. A system like Sweden's where children get a small amount of pocket money from the government would count. They don't have to receive the same amount as adults.

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@O Then you need to look up the definition of the Basic Income concept. It's Universal, and there should be no conditions to it's distribution.

@Berg I'm going to upset people no matter what requirement I use. I tried to find a compromise between the two.

@CromlynGames children often have different rights than adults, a 8 year old probably can't collect unemployment, or any welfare directly

@horse I'll still count it if it's paid to the parents on their behalf.