Will any OECD country effectively introduce a form of UBI before 2033?

Definition of UBI from Wikipedia:

Universal basic income (UBI) is a social welfare proposal in which all citizens of a given population regularly receive a guaranteed income in the form of an unconditional transfer payment (i.e., without a means test or need to work). It would be received independently of any other income.

List of OECD countries:

To be resolved to YES it has to be a universal (all citizen) and not a standard unemployement subsidy branded as UBI.

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Is there a specific amount / threshold the payment would have to meet? Would it count for a county to give a €100 national-resource dividend for example?

>it has to be a universal (all citizen)

No other eligibility requirements?

predicts NO

@BenjaminIkuta not really, what would you suggest?

@alby Well, for example, it's normal for welfare programs to have various disqualifying factors, such as crime.

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