Will Ukraine suffer nuclear power plant meltdowns during the Russia war?

Cause can be direct (conventional weapon) attack by Russia or indirect result of war related activities (e.g. accidents at nearby infrastructure, terrorist attack, drone misfire, etc).

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meltdown is a specific kind of accident where the fuel rods actually melt. Z has been shut down long enough it should be fine

semi related market

Does it include plants de-facto controlled by Russia?

@Inosen_Infinity Good question. I didn’t even know those existed in UKR. Can you point me to something I can read? For the market, let’s say yes, including any that are de facto controlled by Russia.

predicts NO

@MikiyasTsegaye https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaporizhzhia_Nuclear_Power_Plant_crisis

Zaporozhzhia power plant is under russian control at this moment

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