Will Ukraine have a nuclear weapon by the end of 2035?

The possession of a nuclear weapon must be officially confirmed either by Ukrainian government or by a government of a major Western country.

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After Russia violated the Budapest memorandum, Ukraine has the means and the motive to rebuild its offensive nuclear capability. The only thing preventing it from doing so is pressure from the West.

You might want to clarify the resolution criteria for this market. Ukraine has previously had possession of nuclear weapons (see Wikipedia).

Given this historical context, it could be argued that the market should resolve YES immediately. However, I assume the intent is to predict whether Ukraine will possess nuclear weapons again in the future, specifically at some point from now until the end of 2035.

@Benedikt the question is not "will Ukraine have had nuclear weapons by 2035" but "will Ukraine have weapons by 2035", so, at the end of 2035, will Ukraine be in possession of nuclear weapons?

@IhorKendiukhov Thank you for the clarification. Just wanted to remove ambiguity