Will a major nuclear power plant in Germany be operational on June 1, 2023?
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The German parliament approved delaying the shutdown of nuclear plants until April 15, 2023[1]. The plants will run out of fuel around that time, so extending their life beyond April seems untenable.

1: https://www.dw.com/en/german-parliament-approves-nuclear-plants-life-extension/a-63721032

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@mndrix I mostly agree... I'm just puzzled because that information has been available for a while, and Metaculus hasn't moved much.

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@Chocobo I still think there is a chance that the energy situation will deteriorate sufficiently for the government to consider another extension.

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Even Greta is saying leave the plants open…

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Two of the three remaining German nuclear power plants are to be in reserve to supply electricity until next spring.

"New fuel assemblies will not be loaded and mid-April 2023 is also the end for the reserve"

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Also see this market: https://manifold.markets/ZhaoNan/will-all-nuclear-power-plants-in-ge