Will a state, province, or country issue a public health warning or laws about AI companions in 2024?


  • "state, province, or country": any public body larger than a single city, including multi-national bodies like the WHO, including agencies part of larger entities whose health-related statements can be considered the official stance of the larger entity (US CDC, ministries of health, health departments, etc.)

  • "AI companions": any specific application or website which offers, as its primary feature, companionship/friendship/dating with an artificial entity OR reference to this entire category of products. (Example: Replika, Digi)

  • "Public health warning": any form of media (press releases, interviews, blog posts, etc.) which highlight real or imagined negative aspects of AI companions and counsel against their usage.

  • "Laws": any form of statutory legislation or rulemaking which is ultimately successful

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Great question - I've curated it on https://theaidigest.org/timeline, would love to add more good questions on these kind of societal effects of AI

"any public body larger than a single city"

So DC doesn't count? Hamburg, Vienna, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore? Does Bremen count because the state consists of two separate cities instead of just one?

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