Who will be the next president of France after Macron?
Gabriel Attal
François Ruffin
Marine Le Pen
Jordan Bardella
Édouard Philippe
Christine Lagarde

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@dionisos My dude, anyone can add a name on the list, no ?

@MathiasDucancel Yes, I was betting on this market being basically forgotten.

Probably a mistake, but I didn’t bet a lot.

I think it can be Edouard Philippe since he would be in the continuation of Macron's legacy. That's a conservative position I'd say as it's betting on the same schema as the two previous presidential elections.

@Floffinou what? Iirc it's legally impossible for a French president to do three terms in a row.

@FlanAuxQuetsches well, the constitution can be changed, and it has been done on this subject in the recent past (quite unlikely, but it cannot be ruled out. One possible such scenario is a war or coup or other catastrophe.) However the question specifies "after Macron", so even if Macron has a third term this answer would probably be invalid: I now interpret the question as "next president after Macron, regardless when that happens". I missed it at the time.

One important question here is who will manage to unite the Macron political movement behind them, as Macron himself cannot run for president again (unless he manages to change the constitution).

Jean-Luc Melenchon recently said he will not be candidate in 2027. A few minutes later in the same interview he said maybe he will be candidate.


@Zardoru Is it my browser or are you writting in english? I can't tell

@Simon1551 I am writting in english, or at least I am trying to.

@Zardoru No you're good it's just that my browser keeps translating everything so I can't tell if it's actually in english

@Simon1551 I'm sorry if my translation of what JLM said is unclear. I have read several articles in French (my native language) about the same interview and I don't really understand. I am still unsure how I will bet on this market.


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