Will Saudi Arabia and Israel establish diplomatic relations before 2025?

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The faster they condemn terrorism and make peace, the less suffering there will be. Time is running out.

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I think it is unlikely considering everything that has been happening in the world lately especially with Israel and Palestine. Also considering that Saudi Arabia asked Netanyahu many times to ceasefire in Palestine so Arab civilians don't just get murdered paying for a mistake Hamas did. The Prince of the Royal Kingdom of Saudi mentioned how in 26 days, more than 10,000 innocent civilians lost their lives and more than 35,000 people injured and these numbers include children as well. I think the chances of diplomatic relations being is established between Israel and Saudi in 2025 is less 5%.

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@AhmedHazemc68a 1) Support Hamas and jihadists 2) cheer, work, train and fight for them, house military infrastructure in schools etc 3) get killed 4) ??? 5) "10000 innocent civilians lost their lives"

Doesn't help: Hamas clumping militants and legit civilians into one number.

(Still feeling bad for the minority who really don't support terrorism.)

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I don't get why they don't want to get into this ASAP. Forming a strong coalition to counter Iran influence will make the region stable and more favorable for Palestinians. Heck, enter a military alliance with IL, kick Iran out and maybe then the walls may finally come down.

What am I missing here?

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@ICRainbow Domestic pressure

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@ElmerFudd Yeah, I don't get that. People are pressuring for "justice" or something, prolonging the suffering for those who they seek that thing?

How do they even know there's that pressure?

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