Which countries will the United States be at war with by the end of 2025?
North Korea

Which countries will the United States be at war with by the end of 2025? Can add answers. Closes January 1st 2026

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The United States has officially bombed Quds Force, but I feel like resolving Yes for Iran would not be appreciated.

how does this resolve if the US doesn't go to war?

@Stralor No for all.

@JessicaEvans ah, of course! thanks

Depending on how you define “at war”, the US has technically been at war with North Korea continuously since 1950. Just wanted to confirm that you won’t count that, or any other technical case that is already happening.

@Gabrielle No. Really mean it in the practical sense of shooting war. Although if the United states goes to war with any of these countries and "finishes" before the end of 2025 that is still intended to count.

@JessicaEvans Some countries are in a state of civil war. Does the US intervening in favor of one faction count?

@mariopasquato No, although I can't offer reasoning beyond that not being intended. The intent was a shooting war against an officially recognized government. Salami tactics and proxy wars complicate things by definition so I think there's an element of judgement no matter what unfortunately.

@JessicaEvans So how you resolve for Yemen will depend on whether you consider the Houthis just a (winning) faction in a civil war in Yemen or the de facto government of Yemen.

@mariopasquato I'm leaning no, simply because it's contested, though I could be swayed, particularly by evidence of diplomatic recognition. Right now the Houthis are only engaged with by Iran, right? Sovereignty is not owned by the west, but I'd have to see engagement with them politically by other Iran friendly sovereigns basically: Russia, China, etc.

@JessicaEvans They don’t seem to have international recognition at this point. Also territorial control is not complete.

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