Will I create a post on the EA forums in the next month?
resolved Jun 17
I've never posted before, but it sounds fun. Probably I would write about how libertarianism or decentralization could contribute to EA.
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Ok, so I'm probably not going to finish and post within a day (unless...!). But that's because I need to ship limit orders, haha. I've actually got a draft and am maybe 40% done. Good odds I'll get there in one more month. Look out for a follow up market!
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Oooh that would be a cool feature to include.
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Shut up and take my mana! I especially can't wait for your post with inline markets embedded from @Sinclair's work
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@Austin yoink, thanks for the free mana
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Thanks Austin! This is giving me more motivation already. What a great site :-D
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I just bet all my remaining mana against. Hope to see your post! If you have a draft, definitely show it to Justis Millis, he's on the editing team for LessWrong~