What conspiracy theories will be proven true by 2100? (Mega Market)
Santa is rigged
That motherfucker WAS real (Tiffany Gomas was wrong the whole time)
Groundhog Day is rigged
Smart devices are almost always listening to your private conversations
COVID-19 vaccine is net negative for health
Dream faked the Manhunt videos
Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
Gamergate was right
Bielefeld does not exist, but another city with the same name in the same place does
The CIA killed JFK
Atrazine works as an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC), converting testosterone to estrogen in the bodies of frogs leading to homosexual proclivities.
China made covid 19 in a lab
That stock trading AI supposedly built by @SteveSokolowski is actually part of an elaborate scam
Annie Altman's abuse claims
Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone.
The U.S. military is the number one customer of Glitterex (a glitter company) but doesn't want anyone to know because it hurts their masculine image.
The Clintons assasinated their rivals
Tiffany Gomas is not the same person as the TMINR lady in the video. She is a PSYOP for Barstool.
John McAfee didn't kill himself
Christiano Ronaldo never played for a Real football (soccer) team

What conspiracy theories will be proven correct by 2100. The conspiracy theory must have been true in 2024 so if the US government gets aliens after 2024 but didn't have them before it doesn't count. Please add your own conspiracy theories. I will be lenient in what is considered a conspiracy theory. If something is widely considered to be true in 2100 it will count as a yes resolution but to resolve beforehand it must be definitively proven and verified by multiple news sources. anything not proven true by 2100 will resolve no. Feel free to ask clarifying questions. In will not bet on this market in case of controversy

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@james How do the joke entries resolve?

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@Gritty That's a damn good one!

Smart devices are almost always listening to your private conversations

@TheAllMemeingEye this one needs to stipulate something like "was this true as of 2020? was this true as of 2030?" because it seems possible that it will BECOME true at some point despite all "they're listening to us!" claims having been false at some earlier point.

Haha good point, let's say as of 2024

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@JamesF what qualifiés for this as true? There are already extremely successful treatments for certain cancers, does it have to be a cure for all cancers or just one type is enough?

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@traders let me know if you want to give me liquidity on any of my NOs by betting no or setting a no limit order.

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Brushing your teeth is bad for your health

This one makes me feel evil

Taylor Swift and Mary Berg are the same person
Hitler killed himself because the alternative was going to Argentina


China made covid 19 in a lab

I'm sad that I can't add "The US made Covid-19 in a lab in China."

@chaos You can:

Sometimes in the Valley, “La chicane est prit.”

Atrazine works as an endocrine-disrupting chemical (EDC), converting testosterone to estrogen in the bodies of frogs leading to homosexual proclivities.
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Research has shown that exposure to atrazine can affect the development and hormonal systems of amphibians, including frogs. Some of the documented effects include alterations in the production and regulation of hormones, such as estrogen and testosterone, which are crucial for reproductive development and behavior.

However, this is not "converting testosterone to estrigen" and there's no evidence that this leads to homosexual tendencies.

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there's no evidence

He said, in a conspiracy theory market

@Daniel_MC to be clear, I like your comment, it's just that the point of this market is people pretending to believe stuff so stupid than nobody could possibly actually hold that belief...

@Daniel_MC Hey Danny Mac

it’s for jokes

We play the diqwad but we still be wise and shit

Also the first answer you see has already been proven true and it’s still only 90

So like it’s also kinda like a market to show people don’t believe shit with hard evidence to

Word to your mother?

100% 👍

@BrunoParga yeah I made the comment because I remember someone who is pretty reliable saying that there wasn't nothing behind the "they're turning the frogs gay" stuff. So I finally researched it. I thought there was a chance it might be a yes!

@Daniel_MC yeah, this is one that I thought had the most chance of being somewhere in the vicinity of true.

So God?

@Daniel_MC Seems like that is what it is

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@RickSpringfield Was zum Teufel ist das?

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Lou Gehrig's retirement was actually an MLB-mandated suspension

what if shaq becomes commish and admits he, him self, was missing free throws to troll kobe. when happens, resolves yes?

@nmw He wasn’t part of the NBA’s leadership then so that wouldn’t count