If Trump wins the election will the inflation rate in 2025 be below 2.5%(Current 3.5%)

Inflation data gathered from the bureau of labor statistics

The current inflation rate is 3.2% the FED has a goal of 2%. 2.5% is roughly in the middle of these two numbers, if Trump is elected will the FED reach that mark.

Resolves N/A if Trump is not elected.

Biden version here:

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Tariffs, deporting workers, lower interest rates and tax breaks all fuel inflation.


The CPI is up for March now at 3.5%

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Tariffs and deportations are inflationary

@Parks Inflation didn’t increase above equilibrium after Trump’s 2018 tariffs

@thepurplebull markets can be highly nonlinear.

@Parks Tariffs do not matter that much, since China first exports to Mexico who then exports to us.


Adding 10,000 Mana Subsidy to this pair of markets! Currently they show Biden with a higher chance of keeping inflation down, is that accurate?

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@ManifoldPolitics I’m betting on Manifold being biased against Trump

@AmmonLam I do not think the president matters that much, but a recession is quite likely this year and next year, which likely will lead to lower inflation.

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