Does Twitter have a special case that promotes negative coverage of Elon Musk?
Jan 2, 2024
M$440 bet
Resolves positively if, as a result of litigation discovery, whistleblowing, or other reliable disclosure, it's publicly revealed that Twitter is or has been specifically biasing some or all Twitter feeds towards negative coverage of Elon Musk in particular. Resolves negatively if nothing like that is revealed by the end of discovery in litigation concerning Elon's acquisition of Twitter, 90 days after Elon Musk has full access to Twitter's source code and database, or 1 Jan 2024, whichever comes first. In order to count, an intervention must be a line of code, a database entry, or a policy document used by human reviewers, which specifically references either Elon Musk's account, the account of a Musk-owned company, or a keyword related to either of these.
They should ban him for all the bullshit lies he has been spreading to undermine the value of the company in the market. He is literally the only person who benefits from the deal getting killed which is why it won’t.

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