Will any explicitly leftist, pro-Palastine US organization or individual kill a Jewish person in the US before 2025?

The killing does not have to be strictly because they're Jewish, but it must be for something related, like their support for Israel. Or if it's unclear what the motive was, that must seem likely.

If the death was accidental that still counts if the violence was intentional. e.g. someone burns down a building and doesn't realize there's someone inside. But if it's completely accidental, like a peaceful and nonthreatening rally that causes a neurotic Jewish person to have a heart attack out of fear, or getting into a car accident with a Jew, that doesn't count.

Only counts instances after market creation.

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How do you intend to ascertain "explicitly leftist"? After all, some right-libertarians describe Nazis as "leftist".

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Should probably have been more time decay. RIP loans.

@SemioticRivalry (On Nov 5th 2023)

@CamillePerrin it also sounds like there's some significant dispute about what happened - if this had happened after market but Alnaji was later acquitted, how would the market handle that?

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@MattLashofSullivan What's in dispute?

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In the ongoing investigation, eyewitness statements and video evidence clash over what caused Kessler to fall. Alnaji’s lawyer, Ron Bamieh, asserts that multiple witnesses are wrong in their statements, citing a video that shows Alnaji about 7 or 8 feet from Kessler when he fell.

“One eyewitness said Alnaji hit him over the head with his bullhorn, which is just not true, according to the video,” Bamieh said.

Prior to the fall, Bamieh said Kessler was hurling profanities at the Palestinian protesters while recording with his phone. Alnaji approached Kessler and attempted to knock the phone from his hand with a megaphone, possibly hitting him on the chin. Alnaji backed off after this confrontation.

Bamieh is confident that this video will exonerate his client from the charges.


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@Gabrielle obviously this is all tangential to this market since it happened prior; but it illustrates the difficulties here.

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