If humanity goes extinct by 2030, will AI unwipe out humanity by 2040?

Unwipe=create new humans

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what is time if humans do not exist? would it matter if it were 10 years or 10,000 if continuity were broken and then our existence was restarted?

would we know any different even if everything had decayed, considering our teacher could tell us anything? what role does the persistence of generational and educational memory serve in our conception of time?

I suggest that all time after humans are wiped out is irrelevant. even if it's 10 seconds, the chain is broken. there's no functional difference between 2040 and 2000040 in this scenario. the calendar must be restarted, everything else is left to archeological or religious speculation.

@Stralor you answer is phylosophical and is based on perception of time, not on the time itself. I think the question does not talk about perception, but about atomic clock cycles on Earth surface - about the objective thing.

It makes sense, because it limits the time for AI to find the solution to the problem. Will the AI be smart and autonomous enough to solve the puzzle in X years.

Do digital humans count? I guess they couldn't be uploads, so simulated humans. What fidelity of simulation would resolve this YES?

@MartinRandall Can’t be simulated, it has to be a physical body in the real world, either an actual human or an uploaded consciousness.