Will AI wipe humanity by 2030?

Resolves YES if, by January 1st, 2030, there exists widely available technology that uses AI for the purpose of cleaning humans' anuses after defecation. This does not strictly have to be done by "wiping"; for example, a bidet-like technology would work, as long as it involves a technology widely agreed to be AI.

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Would a bidet company claiming to use AI be sufficient to resolve Yes?

@zaperrer it needs to be using AI for the purpose of cleaning human butts, per the description, but if so then yes per the description

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Unlikely to happen, a robot would never be able to figure out the intricacies of the human body (the most complicated system in the universe) well enough to properly clean out the anus without causing some sort of tearing or ripping.

>be me

>scrolling through manifold

>See post about AI cleaning human butts by 2030

>mfw we're outsourcing butt wiping to robots

>can't tell if we're advancing as a species or just getting lazy

>our generation's gonna be like: "Back in my day, we had to wipe our own asses"

>what a time to be alive, lads 🤖💩

there's no point in having manibucks anymore post-wipetopia since toilettiime will vastly decrease, resulting in fewer time anyone spends on manifold bankrupting the company so I'm betting no

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