[Mega Independent]/Prop bets: What will be true of the next James Bond movie?
Bond drives a car
On screen fatalities
Urban scene
London will appear on screen
Bond wears a suit/tuxedo
Car chase scene
Bond will attend a gala, soirée, ball, banquet, masquerade, black-tie event, cocktail party, fundraiser, awards ceremony, premiere, reception, or a charity auction.
Bond tells ≥1 joke
A named character speaks in a language other than English
A vessel is shown on screen containing any of the following: ketchup, mustard, wasabi, soy sauce, hot sauce, beer, wine, whiskey, cologne, or sulfuric acid.
Gun Barrel Sequence
World capital other than London appears on screen
Runtime of at least 2 hours/120 minutes.
Bond solves ≥ 1 problem non-violently
Opening action sequence
Bond drinks a martini
Bond will be a man
Sex scene
Q appears

Edit: This question now has several sister questions for all of you sickos who can't get enough of transport, sex, and action. I'll periodically N/A answers in those categories arbitrarily, to make room for things that don't fit into those other questions.

Each question resolves as soon as there's proof (e.g. confirmed actor, title, ...), as long as it's not something that would change.

I commit to only betting on questions I feel confident can resolve unambiguously.

Refers to the next official Bond movie after No Time to Die (2021), I'll change the title once we know what it is.

Needs to be in the actual movie, while unlikely I assume some things might be part of a trailer but then not make final cut.

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Similar market, but for the next mainline Star Wars movie, that I thought you guys would enjoy ✨

How is fatality assessed? A 10m fall can kill you, but it might just cause serious injury. But even a much shorter distance can kill you if you're really unlucky.

@Strigoides The idea for this came from watching Casino Royal where there was a jump from one construction crane to another. The fall clearly would have been lethal. So I think setting the standard high would work. Something like 15M/50ft?

Bruh what even is this website anymore?

@TheAllMemeingEye was there a scene in one of the older Bond movies with a scene like this? Goldfinger? Or maybe it was an Austin Powers movie. I've forgotten.

Bond tells ≥1 joke

@Strigoides is a pun enough? Or does he need to do his own setup?

@HenriThunberg Pun is enough as long as it's clearly intended, in character, to be funny

Leaked scene designs

@HenriThunberg how do you plan to resolve this? will you seek out the film through... non-theartical avenues in order to watch/pause/rewind/rewatch at will? are you depending on bettors to nudge for resolution? do you have a team of people with subsets of this list to take to the movie as a checklist?

(I like this fun market and, I don't envy you!)

@shankypanky Imagine all the usual drama around technicalities with resolution criteria and spirit vs letter... multiplied by 200... with questions written by random third parties... good luck!

it gives me anxiety just thinking about it but other people are wired much differently than me so I'm really curious how someone else might manage this without getting the shakes! lol

To up my edge in this market I watched Casino Royal (2006). Here are some things that would have revolved in that movie:

- viper vs mongoose pit fight

- Driving construction equipment
- Fighting on a crane

- “Christ I miss the Cold War” - M

- Shooting up an embassy

- Breaks into his boss’s house

- beautiful woman riding a white horse on a beach

- bond is an adulterer

- bond tells a woman that dressing masculine reduces her chances of being promoted

- Making out as a distraction

- bond sits sadly in the shower getting wet with a suit on

- bond sensually sucks the blood off of a woman’s hand

- fight scene in a sinking house in venice

- both his love interests die

- the main villain is killed by a side character
- the rope bondage/torture/castration scene??????

Now I don't know what to believe! Anything can happen!!!

It did inspire one new market from me however: /Nikos/how-many-war-crimes-will-james-bond

@Nikos "- bond sensually sucks the blood off of a woman’s hand"

Shoulda been clearer with "Vampires" ;)

this is a hilarious list

I'll do some cleaning up on this market to make space for new questions, with N/A on answers that should go into transport/sex/fight categories. Also questions that are unclear ("Vampires"), or overly silly ("Bond says, 'Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!'") will be N/Ad for more interesting ones.

I have one particular submitter in mind who I'll be less lenient toward than others, due to spammy behavior :)

@HenriThunberg Can't wait until the movie comes out and Bond actually does complain about there being snakes on a plane.

It seems we've reached the maximum number of options (200), or @HenriThunberg has very understandably closed the market to new options. We've already split off vehicles and means of injury; maybe we could also split off locations, dialogue and types of sex scenes. (This is not a sentence I expected to type.)

And, since I'm now apparently the pun predictor... "Bond market".

Actual living creature, or would a visual depiction count?

@Strigoides I don't think any are actual living creatures, so let's go with any visual depiction.

@33 like a tattoo or painting

@33 I clarified that option like ghee

"Previous Bond" meaning, an actor that has played Bond before, right?

@BrunoParga Correct

James Bond turns directly to the camera after delivering the famous "rationalussy' line and asks the viewer why they're still watching.

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