Song with AI singing in Eurovision Song Contest before 2030?

Music generated by AI seems to have made advances lately with tool(s?) like Suno.
Will a song be part of Eurovision Song Contest that has ~only AI singing, no human?

– Voice needs to be AI-generated, voice modification like autotune doesn't count
– Voice can't be based on any one real human
– No human singing for lyrics, backing vocals would be fine
– I imagine lyrics/melody would be AI-generated too, but fine if they're not

Resolves YES immediately when above criteria are satisfied, or NO in January 2031.
Seems like it might be judgment call, I won't bet in this market.

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What if completely AI generated, but then performed by human musicians?
Probably already happened

@Quadrifold nah, that would be another question I think :)

No - check what the rules and aims are of Eurovision, and how the European Broadcasting Union relates to that. They will certainly not eliminate human lead singers, even if they permit generated backing singers.

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