2030 – 2. We interact with a wide range of AIs in our daily lives as naturally as we interact with other humans today

All these predictions are taken from Forbes/Rob Toews' 5 AI Predictions For The Year 2030.

Also, don't miss Forbes/Rob Toews' "10 AI Predictions For 2024" (all gathered under one tag.

  • I will resolve to whatever Forbes/Rob Toews say in their resolution article for 2030's predictions.

  • I might bet in this market, as I have no power over the resolution.

The other 2030 prediction markets below:
1. Nvidia’s market capitalization will be meaningfully lower than it is today. Intel’s will be meaningfully higher than it is today.

2. We will interact with a wide range of AIs in our daily lives as naturally as we interact with other humans today. (This market!)

3. Over one hundred thousand humanoid robots will be deployed in the real world.

4. “Agents” and “AGI” will be outdated terms that are no longer widely used.
5. AI-driven job loss will be one of the most widely discussed political and social issues.

Description of this prediction from the article:

Even though the entire world is buzzing about artificial intelligence right now, the number of touchpoints that the average person actually has with cutting-edge AI systems today is limited: the occasional query to ChatGPT or Google Bard/Gemini, perhaps.

By the year 2030, this will have changed in dramatic fashion.

We will use AIs as our personal assistants, our tutors, our career counselors, our therapists, our accountants, our lawyers.

They will be ubiquitous in our work lives: conducting analyses, writing code, building products, selling products, supporting customers, coordinating across teams and organizations, making strategic decisions.

And yes—by 2030, it will be commonplace for humans to have AIs as significant others.

As with any new technology, there will be an adoption curve. Some portions of the population will more readily adjust to interacting with their new AI peers; others will resist for longer. The proliferation of AIs throughout our society will unfold like the famous Ernest Hemingway line about how people go bankrupt: “Gradually, then suddenly.”

But make no mistake: this transition will be inevitable. It will be inevitable because AIs will be able to do so much of what humans do today, except cheaper, faster, and more reliably.

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