"Will AOH1996 boost 5yr survival >35% for min. 2 of these cancers: brain, lung, cervical, ovarian?"

This market gauges the potential long-term impact of AOH1996, on overall cancer survival rates. Unlike markets focusing on short-term results in clinical trials or regulatory approvals, this market probes the drug's real-world significance.

To quantify, a 'boost' means a minimum 35% increase in 5-year survival rates from baseline. For instance, if a cancer type has a current survival rate of 50%, AOH1996 should elevate it to over 67.5%.

Our focus is on overall survival rates across all stages of these cancers: brain, lung, cervical, ovarian. This ensures broad applicability, instead of focusing on specific stages.

The resolution occurs 10 years post-approval of AOH1996, when its impact can be robustly assessed and is unlikely to grow further or any time before that when there is a broad concensus about the level of impact.

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If there are experts with positions, can you make your rationale known ? i'm surprised this is trading so high.

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