Will I be diagnosed with cancer by 2035?

The market will resolve YES if I report that I have been diagnosed with any type of cancer by the end of 2035. The diagnosis must be based on valid medical tests or procedures. The type of cancer and the method of diagnosis are irrelevant for the market outcome.

I do not have any family history for cancer, other than some minor late-stage skin cancer that my Grandma has.

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2025 or 2035?

predicts NO

Thanks for catching that!

@JimHays I'm sorry - the description is incorrect. I just fixed.

How old are you?

@LachlanMunro Some sources say Carson was born Nov. 30, 1993, which would make him 29. However, not all info in these reports is correct.


predicts NO

this makes it look like adult males in their 30s have a less than 1% chance of being diagnosed with cancer:


@JimHays that birthday is incorrect, but I am 28

I predict covid