Will 2024 spaceflight launch success rate be superior to 2023’s rate ? (95,07%)
Dec 31

2021 : 146 launch / 10 failures (93,15%)

2022 : 186 launch / 7 failures (96,24%)

2023 : 223 launch / 11 failures (95,07%)

Source of data : Wikipedia ‘Spaceflight of year (Only major failure counted as failure, partial failure counted as success of the launch)

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Has the 2023 data been updated yet?

@Nat Yes

@Guillaume (Updated the rates but forgot to update the total flight for 2023 in desc, now it's all good !)

@Guillaume Ahh I wondered what I was doing wrong haha

Btw I will update the 2023 rate when 2023 will be over haha

Interesting question, hard to predict. What are you using as a data source?

@Mqrius Yes bit of a bet ! I’m using Wikipedia ‘Spaceflight of year’ page.

@Guillaume I guess partial failures count as successes in this market? Or is that an oversight?

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