Will a GPT-4 quality model be trained for under $10.000 by 2030?
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Mira avatarMira
47% chance
Will Google Bard become better than GPT-4 at any point before September 2024?
WyattStanke avatarWyatt Stanke
66% chance
Will mechanistic interpretability be essentially solved for GPT-2 before 2030?
MatthewBarnett avatarMatthew Barnett
30% chance
Will there be a version of GPT4 with a context window of 100k tokens this year?
SneakySly avatarSneakySly
42% chance
Will GPT-4 be trained on more than 10T text tokens?
BionicD0LPH1N avatarBionic
23% chance
Will we train GPT-4 to generate resolution criteria better than the creator 50% of the time by the end of 2023?
CrystalBallin avatarCrystal Ballin'
30% chance
Will a GPT-3 quality model be trained for under $10.000 by 2030?
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
93% chance
Will mechanistic interpretability be essentially solved for GPT-3 before 2030?
MatthewBarnett avatarMatthew Barnett
25% chance
Will Google's Gemini outperform GPT-4 in the SuperGLUE benchmark test by December 2023?
FranklinBaldo avatarFranklin Baldo
55% chance
Will any Google model exceed chatGPT interest? (by 2025)
Gigacasting avatarGigacasting
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Will a model be trained using at least as much compute as GPT-3 using AMD GPUs before Jan 1 2026?
LeoGao avatarLeo Gao
71% chance
2) We are going to start running out of data to train large language models.
MattCWilson avatarMatt C. Wilson
24% chance
Will GPT-5 be released incrementally as GPT4.x for different checkpoints from the training run?
firstuserhere avatarfirstuserhere
37% chance
Will there be a OpenAI LLM known as GPT-4.5? by 2033
DylanSlagh avatarDylan Slagh
72% chance
There will be an open source LLM approximately as good or better than GPT4 before 2025
NathanpmYoung avatarNathan Young
77% chance
Will inflection AI have a model that is 10X the size of original GPT-4 at the end of Q1, 2025?
firstuserhere avatarfirstuserhere
46% chance
Will an open-source LLM beat or match GPT-4 by the end of 2024?
Elon avatarElon
62% chance
Will Gary Marcus tweet at least 10 examples of GPT-4 failure which won't be disproven/fixed within 24 hours? (in 2023)
MrLuke255 avatarMrLuke255
22% chance
Will GPT, or AI systems that have GPT as their main component, become as reliably factual as Wikipedia, before 2026?
lesaun avatarLesaun
39% chance
Will any open-source model achieve GPT-4 level performance on MMLU through 2024?
mattburtell avatarMatt Burtell
64% chance
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Is the 10k adjusted for inflation?