Tesla based Uber-like service is available in the US for at least some normal Tesla owners before 2030

Elon Musk recently spoke about a possible idea that Tesla owners would be able to allow their cars to be used for a Tesla-run Uber-like service with completely autonomous driving.

If there is a city in the US where members of the public can call this type of service for rides, and the cars are owned by members of the public, before 2030, this resolves YES.

Edit 5/2024 to clarify this is about whether the owners can send their cars out to be part of the fleet

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How does this resolve if a car share service launches but only with a level 2 driver assistance? I'm essentially imagining a turo like service with no level 4 or 5 automatic driving.

So the same level as today but rental out? Doesn't seem like a robotaxi to me