Will the BLM movement be more popular at close (2027) than as of market creation (2022)?

Resolves according to my subjective judgement. I will welcome stakeholder input when resolving the question but reserve the right to resolve contrary to the opinion of market participants if necessary. I reserve the right to bet on this market but tentatively expect to stop betting in the last two years (2026-2027).

"Popular" being a loosely defined combination of public attention / resources, total adherents, and references in social discourse.

Resolves as N/A if there doesn't seem to be a clear answer at close.

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I know it's only been a few months, but interest has remained surprisingly stable with only a mild downward trend.


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no one liked mlk when he was alive

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I'm assuming this adjusts for population growth.

@cos If there is a large population swing between the dates, then I would adjust accordingly in my subjective judgment

Psy-ops about the ~12 unarmed black men killed by police (among hundreds that are armed and do kill police in such encounters)

leading to thousands more murders and traffic fatalities

Hopefully has faded away.

@Gigacasting i thought being armed was a constitutional right, not something punishable by death?

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