Sep 30


Waymo is deployed in San Francisco and Phoenix, accepting customers 24/7 throughout the city. It just started to do pickup and drop-offs at select Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport terminals and covers 225 sq miles in Phoenix.

Waymo is finishing up its 5-month tour of testing in LA in early March 2024.

Allow anyone with access to Waymo to take a ride on the highway by December 31st, 2024 (so excluding trusted testers, staff etc)

An announcement doesn't count, you have to be able to book a ride that uses a highway.

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@GabeGarboden It'll be interesting to see how quickly they roll it out after approval. They have always moved cautiously and they seem to be taking a slow and staggered rollout approach to their deployment on highways in Phoenix.

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@BenLoveitt What's the difference between this market and your other identically named one: https://manifold.markets/BenLoveitt/will-waymo-work-on-highways-in-2024-637884af9b21

@DavidFWatson I was my first time making polls and I think I messed up the end date but otherwise, no difference apart from this one ends sooner (I don't know if I can leave it unresolved until 31st Decemeber and then payout).

Technically any public road is a "highway"

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