Will the proposed TikTok ban pass in the Senate?

During 118th congress.

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Yes, TikTok is a threat and should be banned. But this bill contains a clause that would give the President the power to ban any social media that appears to be influenced by a foreign power. It's a Trojan Horse to shut down X (Twitter). If the Senate takes out that paragraph, then this bill should pass. With that paragraph, say goodbye to free speech online.

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@JeffBerman 'It's a Trojan Horse to shut down X (Twitter)' I'd buy 'NO' on that market!!

@JeffBerman What foreign power is controlling Twitter?

@JeffBerman the bill targets 4 specific foreign adversary countries: Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea. Not going to do anything to Twitter.

@BTE What they can say: Elon is building Teslas in China, so China influences Elon, who's the CEO of Twitter. This is the play. Shut down the one big free speech social site.

@SemioticRivalry With Elon being CEO of both X/Twitter and Tesla, they can say China influences him, and use that argument to shut down X. And that's a decision by the administrative branch, not a law that has to pass legislators. It's just a decision. Open-and-close.

@JeffBerman I think it would be great if they forced that asshole to sell X or whatever since he has ruined it. But that would be stupid since it would be obviously overturned by the courts and thus make the TikTok ban ineffective.

I have reached out for my Senator and have told them it must pass. My FYP is rotting my brain every day with the nonsense! How much of the Kate Middleton can I be stomaching? It is too much for us!!! Ban away and maybe I can go to bathroom in silence for once, not the stalls all talking in the tiktok voice!

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it will be enough to resolve my market to yes even if the bill has not executed or enacted