Will the TikTok Bill be used against other apps/websites before 2029?

Lawyers have raised concerns about the TikTok Bill, stating that it could be used to ban many apps besides TikTok. Will any other apps or websites be banned using it?


An app or website must meet two qualifications to be banned. First, the app must be a large platform that allows users to create profiles for sharing content. That would include Gizmodo’s website, where users log in to post comments, for example. Second, you must also be “controlled by a foreign adversary,” which could include an app that is merely “subject to the direction or control” of someone in Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran.

Resolves YES if an app or website other than TikTok is banned before 2029. Other closely connected apps to TikTok (eg. owned by ByteDance, banned at the same time) do not qualify. Resolves NO if this has not happened by the start of 2029.

Resolves N/A if the bill does not pass in 2024.

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