Will Bolsanaro return to Brazil during 2023?
resolved Apr 2

He is currently eating every meal at KFC in Orlando. The strangest plausible deniability in history.

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@BTE are you around?

@ToddFoster Sorry busy couple days. Thanks for heads up!

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Rumors is that Bolsonaro is in the US illegally because he doesn't have a visa. Even if he had a tourist visa (I doubt it), you can't stay in the US longer than 6 months with a tourist visa.

Also, the senate plans to ask Bolsonaro to Testfy, what would mean Bolsonaro would have a prison mandate if he fails to appear to the Senate.

He apparently is also sick and the US isn't famously known for its health system, so maybe he has to come back because of that

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@MP Hah, our health care is really good, just totally unaffordable. I wouldn't go to doctor in Florida though, that's crazy town. I bet he came in on diplomatic visa of some sort. He wasn't president anymore but took government flight I believe.

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@BTE I meant affordable. He went to the US as president, so he had diplomatic visa, but it has expired.

I imagine that the Florida health care system isn't very affordable for unemployed people that make ~$100k/year

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@MP I thought he had resigned before leaving the country. Who passed the sash??