Will India be renamed to Bharat by 2025?
Dec 31

The government wants to rename India to Bharat:


If, by the end of 2024, India is officially known as Bharat, and the name is used primarily in official communication, this market resolves YES. The market resolves YES even if the name change is rescinded, as long as it goes into effect

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The dual naming of the country as "India" in English and "Bharat" in Hindi has deep historical, constitutional, and cultural roots. The names "India" and "Bharat" have both been recognized in the Constitution under Article 1(1). While the English version emphasizes "India" as the primary name, the Hindi version emphasizes "Bharat." Historically, names like "India" and its variants have foreign origins and are used primarily by outsiders. On the other hand, "Bharat" has indigenous roots and cultural significance. The Supreme Court has twice rejected renaming 'India' to 'Bharat' in 2016 and 2020. Changing the naming convention could have profound cultural, identity, and international implications and may divert attention from pressing challenges like unemployment, inequality, and environmental degradation. So, India can't be renamed as 'Bharat'.



I don't think so cuz India is a democratic country and every state needs to accept this. Most states wouldn't. If the govt change it despite indians not wanting, then there might be strikes nd all in the future for this.

Can someone shine more light on the "rescinded" clause?

@Mqrius Where is you question for this? ๐Ÿ˜†

@HenkPoley I made one https://manifold.markets/SophusCorry/will-pakistan-officially-rename-the?r=U29waHVzQ29ycnk

This technically can already be resolved to 'yes' since Bharat is one of the two official names in the constitution.

@RithwikJayasimha thankfully manifold allows me to resolve questions for their spirit and not over technicalities

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@ArnavBansal also the words 'primary' and 'rename' give you some cover

@RithwikJayasimha But that's not a REnaming, and it's not in the future

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@Loop i've never been ratio'ed this hard for a lighthearted response hah