Will a manned mission to Mars be officially announced by a government space agency by 2030?

The project has to be government funded or government owned. The mission needs to have its official name and proposed date of launch with proposed space craft to launch.

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Will something like this qualify? The Zambian president announced a space program in 1964


Let's imagine a country like North Korea announces a Mars mission.

@GazDownright Statement of the government about the vision does not count. It only counts when there is a planned proposal, deciding at least name of the Project, proposed date and launching mechanism/spacecraft

Announced in how much detail? Artemis is publicly announced as preparing for manned missions to Mars, but they haven't given specific details yet.

@Mqrius The last announced mission is Artemis III. They haven't announced official plans for manned mission to Mars.

@AnjanPoudel5d85 So I agree that they haven't announced any missions to Mars yet.

But for Artemis there's a lot more missions announced than just Artemis 3. That's why I'm wondering, to what detail does the mission needs to be announced? We've got missions announced up to Artemis 8 for the moon, mostly including launch dates. What makes you say they don't count as "announced missions"?

I'm asking because I think this market is gonna be very hard to resolve if we don't get this clear ahead of time!


@Mqrius Updated the description. The mission needs to have its official name and proposed date of launch.

@AnjanPoudel5d85 Fair enough. Does the date need to be specific? So in the above list, only Artemis 1 would count? Or is a vague date like Artemis 7 okay, like "September 2031"?

So spaceX doesn't count?

@TheWabiSabi has to be government funded or owned

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