Will NYT write an article about a scandal at CEA before end of 2026?

Resolves YES if an article appears in the New York Times discussing a scandal or significant malfeasance at Centre for Effective Altruism before end of 2026. This is independent of whether I believe the content of the article to be valid. Else resolves NO.

See also: https://manifold.markets/Amaryllis/will-vox-write-an-article-about-a-s-c10c60e6e5e0

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Does it have to be a new scandal, or can it be an already existing one that is nonetheless revisited (for instance, there are further updates such as additional lawsuits, resignations, etc.)?

@Meta_C If the NYT writes an article about a scandal at CEA, I will resolve YES, regardless when the scandal in question took place.

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I imagine they might do something about the FTX incident, but I'd be surprised if there were anything else.