Will at least 7 of the new Effective Altruism university groups in the Netherlands still be active in June 2024?
Jun 1
Here, active is defined as: - 2 organizers putting in at least 5 hours a week each - at least 15 people finished an intro fellowship in 2023-2024 - 4 people per group attended at least 1 EAG(x) conference in 2024
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Re-opened with a more reasonable closing time.

what's the denominator?
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@MichaelWheatley not sure what you mean, sorry! Can you elaborate?
@Amarins I think he's asking how many EA university groups there are in the Netherlands at the moment?
@Amarins Yeah, how many "new Effective Altruism university groups" are there? Is 7 a lot or a little?
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@MichaelWheatley oh gotcha, thanks! There are 10 being set up (and there is 1 mature & active one right now) in the Netherlands.
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