We will see a 100k person anti-AI protest before 2030
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Lmao using likes on a Tweet to show popular sentiment against AI when most of those likes are coming from bots.

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Would the SAG-AFTRA strikes have counted as an anti-AI protest?

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To evaluate the likelihood of a 100,000-person anti-AI protest occurring before 2030, let's consider several factors that might influence this outcome:

  1. Growing Use of AI: The integration of AI in various sectors—such as employment, healthcare, and personal assistance—continues to expand. This widespread use could lead to concerns over job displacement, privacy, ethical use, and control of AI technologies.

  2. Public Sentiment and Awareness: Increasing awareness about AI's capabilities and potential risks could lead to greater public mobilization. High-profile incidents or developments in AI could serve as catalysts for such a protest.

  3. Historical Precedent: Large-scale protests on technology and policy issues have occurred globally. The scale and organization of such events have been facilitated by social media and networking platforms, which could also enable a large anti-AI protest.

  4. Regulatory and Governmental Response: The pace at which governments and international bodies implement AI regulations and policies could influence public sentiment. Either perceived over-regulation or under-regulation could spur protests.

Considering these factors, a 100,000-person anti-AI protest is plausible within the given timeframe, especially as AI becomes more embedded in everyday life and its societal impacts become more pronounced. However, predicting the exact likelihood requires balancing these factors' potential to mobilize people on a large scale against the efforts to address concerns through regulation, dialogue, and technology advancements.

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@LUCATheory not now GPT, cmon read the room

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