Will the Vesuvius Challenge have a Grand Prize winner by the end of 2023?
resolved Jan 2


The first letters prize has been taken by two individuals over the last two weeks which has gained international attention. The grand prize is $700k and requires 4 separate passages at 140 characters each be legible.

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Not resolving this for a while unfortunately

Just DMd Nat Friedman and he said they got a dozen submissions last night and are reviewing them today.

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@AaronBailey The market only resolves YES if the prize is given in 2023. This can resolve NO now since that didn't happen.

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@AaronBailey I agree with Shump. There is no winner by the end of 2023

@Shump Clarified how this market will resolve with this scenario from your question 20 days ago

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@AaronBailey How long will you wait to find out whether a prize was awarded in Dec?

edit: oh, as per the screenshot, sounds like you can resolve right away.

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@AaronBailey Yes you clearly said it will resolve NO

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@AaronBailey The organizers said they only started judging today. How could they have awarded the prize?

@Shump I stand corrected lol, apologies for that. Resolving no.

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Just clarifying, this should only resolve YES if the prize is granted before January, right? If it takes them longer than that to judge the solution, it won't count?

@Shump Ya this is a good q. I was planning on just resolving Jan 1. But maybe an announcement comes out later that says something was awarded in Dec.? Pretty unlikely imo.

Yes to your q though, if the judgement and award happens in Jan This will still resolve no.

Can't find the original source of the image, found it on Casey Handmer's blog — but this is about the state of the art right now.

@Mqrius I find the letter details interesting... The alpha doesn't look like the Greek alpha but more like the capital "A". Omicron looks like an upside down omega.

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