Will drones become restricted similarly to guns in the US by 2030?

With the rise of drone use in warfare, some believe we're in the "golden age" of civilian drone use. Do you think that drones will become more restricted due to the ease with which they can be converted to weapons?

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This is confusing - are guns restricted in the US?

@BrunoParga Yeah, they're far less restricted than any other Western country but you still have to do a background check if you buy them in a store etc. There are ways of getting around that (buying at a gun show, buying privately etc.) but for the sake of the question I'm effectively asking if buying a drone off the shelf won't be an option anymore.

@advil I hear you - maybe that could be the actual text of the question then, "will it cease to be possible to buy a drone off the shelf"?

@BrunoParga I was simplifying for the sake of clarity. Guns are restricted in the US, I'm not really sure where the confusion is - maybe you could clarify?

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