Will I regret buying 100 Carter-Mondale pins for $100 a year from now?

Bought due to @ZacParker 's suggestions last night.

No regrets:

  • If the pins are worth more and/or i sell them

  • If the pins are worth the same, but I am happy with the purchase and think they will be worth more in the future

  • I enjoy wearing them

  • They don't feel so much like a hassle / burden / waste of living space that they offset the positive feelings from above

  • They give at least $100 worth of joy even if I do not sell them





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@ZacParker you didnt tell me official 70s pins were death traps, these needles are so much longer than the pins themselves

I found another lot of 220x for ~70...

(Doesn't change this market )

Happy mother's day

who wants some

you're gonna give them out at manifest right

@nikki maybe a few... idk if i wanna bring them on a plane

@strutheo I should also be bringing some to Manifest.

The real treasure were the pins you bought on the way

bought Ṁ20 YES

Consider create a market only about whether you managed to sell it for a higher price/ would be able to sell it for a higher price a year from now?

did you mean to set this to close in 5 days?

bought Ṁ25 NO

I also bought several. I think the best bet is to sell/distribute at Manifest as suggested on stream.

@ZacParker we need to keep an eye out for more bulk lots so other people can buy them @StopPunting


Got myself a lot of 35

@ZacParker don't buy any that @Odoacre is selling


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