📜Which of the Ten Biblical Plagues of Egypt will strike New York City in 2024?
A Storm with Thunder, Lightning, and Hail (and optionally, Fire)
Infestation of Lice (or Bedbugs)
Infestation of (Flies / Wild Animals)
Pestilence of Livestock
3 days of Darkness (or Wildfire smog or power Blackout)
Swarm of Locusts (or Cicadas)
Swarm of Frogs
Water turning into blood (or Red Tide)
Outbreak of Boils
Death of firstborns (see rules)


  • I am the ultimate prophet who will judge if a case has happened or not

  • Cicada will count for the Swarm of Locust, since Locust is not native to USA

  • Additional Fire beyond lightning is not mandatory for the Storm to count, but would be a nice touch

  • The translation isn't clear if the infestation is FLIES or WILD ANIMALS so I'll have to make a judgement call. Any animal involved in another answer like FROG will not count. Animals already found in NYC like cockroaches, rats or pigeons will not count unless there is an unusually high amount that is reported on.

  • Days of darkness - does not have to be complete darkness, the wildfire smog would have counted. A blackout for three full days would also count, if it is the majority of the city.

  • Firstborns - it does not have to be all firstborns in the city, just a noticeable amount of firstborns. Daughters will also count, and the event will still count if it impacts other children, as long as it impacts firstborns primarily

  • I'll also count bedbugs toward Lice

  • There are theories that the 'blood' in the water was the Red Tide algae bloom, so I will count that

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagues_of_Egypt

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bought Ṁ75 Death of firstborns ... NO

Does an outbreak of boils include acne, herpes, or genital warts?

no to acne and herpes i think, would need to be a different skin condition

ty google for teaching me something today

Boils and herpes, while both skin conditions, are quite different. Boils start as red spots that turn into pus-filled abscesses due to bacterial infections of hair follicles. On the other hand, herpes sores begin as fluid-oozing blisters caused by a contagious virus.

bought Ṁ10 Swarm of Frogs YES

I'm also going with frogs. A bunch of turtles shut down a runway a couple years ago. Alligators eat mole people in the sewers. You never know. Maybe frogs will become a thing to eat roaches and everyone will buy them b



Does it still count if it also affects the city's Jewish population, the largest in the world?

which one?

At least the firstborn one didn't affect the Jews, they were passed over, hence the name of Passover.

Presumably lice, boils and livestock could also discriminate and not affect Jews?

This etymology is disputed.

bought Ṁ10 Pestilence of Livestock YES

This is by far the best question ever. I'm going with pestilence because I could see some idiot drinking raw milk and getting bird flu.

I found this market hilarious, so I made a derivative market about this one if anyone is interested

Lol nice


curious why this is so high tbh, maybe theyre more common in other areas of the country. i feel like ive only seen one or two in my lifetime here that involved all 3

The hail is tiny compared to Texas… but it can happen… and maybe even today 😱.

My bad this forecast is for last week 😱 😱.

I think people are just holding a position on the most likely of the plagues, because it’s a fun market.

Yeah I agree most likely

@shankypanky new plague just dropped!

@strutheo update your priors scriptures!

@shankypanky @strutheo would these flying venomous spiders count as “ flies” ? Lice? Bedbugs? Frogs?

bought Ṁ5 Pestilence of Livestock YES

@ScottSupak We need nyc data on dairy cows !


storm tonight, hail projected in other states nearby like MA, it's 70+ right now in NYC so we'll see

bought Ṁ5 Outbreak of Boils YES

What??? No earthquakes? lol

@ScottSupak haha guess it wasnt a big deal in the bible

@strutheo I don't think Moses's bad breath parted the Red Sea!

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