Will SBF live till the end of the year?

It's come to light that bad things went on with SBF/FTX and they stole a lot of traders money. What are the odds he survives till the end of the year?

Will resolve negatively if there's a verified report that he is dead, positively otherwise.

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Benjamin Ikuta
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Isaac King
is predicting YES at 88%


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Benjamin Ikuta
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Martin Randall
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Even Epstein survived for longer than two months.

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Do people in situations like this tend to actually die??

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sophia wisdom
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@Conflux I think you misinterpreted the question -- this is the odds he lives, not the odds he dies. I think the odds he dies are probably between 10 and 20 percent

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@sophiawisdom Oh that's very embarrassing for me lol. Glad no one capitalized

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