By 2028, will fully AI generated explicit NSFW movies be commonplace?

There is a lot of material out there and as such we cannot say "commonplace" as a % of all the material out there. We will conduct a poll where we ask users to rate how commonly they interact with AI-generated pornography and resolve this question to YES if a majority of them have a significant commonplace interaction.

The explicit NSFW movies refer to pornographic videography

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Yes, but people will generally still prefer the real (relatively speaking). The same way moviegoers prefer practical effects to CGI in live-action blockbusters.

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This is obviously going to happen. People will want to be able to see famous people do NSFW things. As well as AI generated Anime style things and so on.

@Timothy This is obviously not going to happen, you might as well say they were not going to put any content filters on GPT-3/4 because people wanted that kind of content.

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@JustifieduseofFallibilism There are already not-great NSFW videos and sites specializing in generating still-image AI porn. The big dogs won't want it, but there will be enough little players to provide the supply to all who wish to consume.

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what would the point be even? porn is not particularly hard to produce

Fully AI generated, or would deepfakes qualify?

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