Will the Russia-Ukraine war end during 2024?

The war will be considered to have ended in 2024 if a ceasefire beginning in 2024 is not interrupted by further hostilities, even if a formal peace agreement or armistice is not signed in 2024. The war will not be considered to have ended in the case of a temporary ceasefire.

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Is there any way of knowing whether a ceasefire is temporary before it ceases?
Edit: nevermind

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If an armistice is reached, do you have some kind of measure in mind for how substantial violations need to be for it to be considered broken?

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How big a deal is it that Ukraine hacked the Russian IRS?


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@njmkw you may wish to extend the close date to 1/1/2025


This market is predicting WAY higher than the superforecaster prediction here

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The War in Donbass didn't end, despite many ceasefire attempts, so I don't see why it would now.

@njmkw I think the close date for this should be extended to end of 2024.

@njmkw If the question is during 2024, why does it close 1.1.2024 and not 1.1.2025?

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