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Elbaf soon all in usopp

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all in

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Imagine hating on Nakama??

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Walking L gets neg diffed by anyone.

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Yassop victim

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Usopp Stock is being targeted by haters for no reason, mans about to fulfill a >900 chapter long goal

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Y'all think you aren't ready for Papazuki, but who y'al truly ain't ready for is Montblanc Usopp, Island Destroyer!

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I will take pity on you Usopp fans and will sell all of the stock I have, artificially boosting the Usopp market

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Oh, the wind carries my name... From Sniper Island far away... When I take aim, it is straight and true... Lu lu la la lu... Whether you're a man or a mouse... Lock on! I will put your heart in my sights... LOCK ON! No one knows what secrets hide... Behind this mask and my cape... Lu lu lu lu lu la la! There is no escape! (Sniper King sniper pa pa) Sniper King aims true!

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Usopp Haters should vanish

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bro fuck you falczan

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@SHINJIDAI Where’s my thanks ❤️

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I am God Wusopps most loyal soldier

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At this point I will consistently drag down the stocks for Usopp, give up on this coward of a man.

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I am the number 1 Usopp hater 😤

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drain me

Anybody buying this stock is coping hard, you KNOW Oda is gonna give this man nothing in Elbaf, hell we don’t even KNOW if he’s gonna be in Elbaf with him currently being stone. Could see Oda just not unstoning him and forgetting

@SeanKenney he a straw hat ain't no way he just getting left behind. Thats on luffys life

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@KingofShit Goofy should leave Yassop jr behind. He will only slow the rest of them down tbh.

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Elbaf gonna go crazy for my boi

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Invest early for elbaf