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The obvious top 1 is getting my support

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shanks will be him trust

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Jika victim

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@KxTwins Aged like milk

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Shanks vs His Dad

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@MigodMigoat We do a little trolling

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@Tyranizard89 why you are aways on at the right time???

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@ThecodermauThecodermau I'm always watching.

Top 1

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Buy kids

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I'm tell y'all current living top 1 amongst all characters that showed any feat

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@SahithT akainu solos

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@cooltop homies either gonna be a warm up match or a sabo victim. Shanks relevancy to the plot is far beyond this

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Shanks plays such a huge role in the plot and overall world of One Piece. Don't expect him to be defeated before dropping some mad lore about himself and the world. Still so many secrets about him needs to be uncovered, like what did Roger say to him that made him cry? How does he have access to talk with the Gorosei even though he is a pirate? What does he know about the One Piece? What does he know about Nika? And so much more... it wouldn't make sense for him to be defeated since he is obviously an extremely important character. Invest in Shanks stocks if you want to see your money rise.

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@cooltop Of course I would buy 250 if it was something I truly believed in.

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@Blankslate well shanks is just a stepping stone towards luffys goal.

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Shanks is a blackbeard or akainu victim, lets not lie to ourselves here.

@cooltop akainu victim 🤡